Block.One Is Now – The Smartest Upgrade: from “Block.One” (new gTLD domain name) to a dotCom Domain –

Block.One” – A largest and the most innovative blockchain company purchased ultra-Premium two-characters dotCom domain name ““. That’s the right decision and smart upgrade. Congratulations!

Some pre-history: around 3-4 months ago our domain manager several times offered via Twitter and email to “Block.One” our dotCom domain saying that a new gTLD domain name looks not serious and doesn’t fit for a such successful and famous crypto company in blockchain industry. We think that a previous owner of should thanks for the idea that was brought to the by our domain manager.

Regarding “Block.One” it also looks more Block.0ne (zero instead of O letter), so using with “1” makes sense, strong and powerful domain name.

“Block.One” domain name is now forwarding to “”.

Block.One” is now

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